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*The Four Stages


1. Concept Development

I start the process by generally meeting you at your home to discuss your initial ideas, wishes and desires for the property, the scope of works to be undertaken and your overall budget. I explain my services and the various stages of the process.


2. Produce Project Designs


Once the scope of works and style is agreed, I will prepare and submit a design presentation to include sample boards for the various rooms showing furniture and fixings, fabrics, paint colours, lighting and joinery etc. along with layout drawings and elevations as required.


3. Project Co-ordination

To produce full specification instructions, working drawings and schedules for the various trades and manufacturers and I carry out the project co-ordination for all the elements and agree the time-frame and costing for your approval. Once approved, I will then place all the orders with contractors and manufacturers and oversee all the works.


4. Installation & Dressing

Once all the building and decoration works are completed, I co-ordinate the delivery and installation of all the furnishings including furniture, window treatments and carpets etc., source and add the final decorative touches of artwork and soft furnishings etc.

*Design fees

Generally, a fixed fee is charged for the design work or an hourly rate plus a percentage for the procurement of the furniture, fixtures and equipment required on behalf of the client plus an incurred cost. Each job is advised accordingly prior to commencement.

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